For the past couple of years, we’ve teamed up with brands and professionals for custom-designed projects. Scroll down through our timeline to discover our history.


Abraham x Romanian Design Week 2018

Together with four other fellow designers, we were commissioned to design a Materia capsule collection that would later be showcased to the public during the third edition of Romanian Design Week 2018.


Abraham x Disputa

Working alongside scenography director Iuliana Vîlsan, we designed the leather harnesses that completed the costumes for one of Notarra Theatre’s plays: Disputa (A matter of Dispute, by French dramatist Pierre de Marivaux). The play was selected to be part of the Romanian National Theatre Festival’s repertoire in 2018.

Director: Vlad Massaci | Scenography: Iuliana Vâlsan


Abraham x Reveria

Reveria is a story told trough movement – of human bodies, lights, and imagination, unraveled in the Metropolitan Circle of Bucharest. We collaborated with scenography director, Iuliana Vîlsan, to design the leather harnesses and accessories for the artistic cast, which included producers and acrobats from Cirque du Soleil. 

Photography: Șerban Călin


Untamed Skin

Untamed Skin is both a multimedia show, and a proposal to reinterpret the Romanian blouse; designed through artistic collaboration between clothing, accessories and jewelry designers, the project was showcased in London in 2015, and won several awards at the Internaţional Fashion Showcase IFS 2015 – London Fashion Week: Special Mention Best Exhibition, Special Mention Best Designer, Special Mention and Best Curator.

Visual artists: Alexandru Nimurad, Vika Tonu, Alexanda Abraham | Curator: Roxana Gibescu | Partner: Institutul Cultural Român, Londra



Manifest is a project about power, desire, tremor and unknown. It is a bildungsroman, in which the character`s movement is transformed in ritual and the body becomes a thrill through the blend of skin, muscles and bones. The collection was showcased as part of visual artist Ioana Maria Sisea’s Bleeding Gold project, at Galateca.

Photography: Vlad Bîrdu | Copy: Ovidiu Mihai Condrea | MUA & Hairstyle: Diana Ionescu | MUA & Hairstyle Assistant: Mirry Degeratu | Modelling: Irina Strungareanu | Post-Production: Ionuț Popescu


Queens of the Medieval Ages

Inspired by those few women who embodied medieval heroes, the collection symbolizes a woman’s power, by transforming the strong armor into sinuous lines and vibrant textures. The collection was designed in collaboration with designer Simona Semen and presented at the Avanpremiere Gala in 2014.

Photography: Alberto Groșescu | Modelling: Lavinia Segaru


Alexandra Abraham x Imaculatura

The Invisible Collection is a three-phase decomposition on the axis of perception, ranging from what is visible to what is imagined. We designed the accessories (backpack and wallet) for this Imaculatura collection, blending them with the context, and playing with their visibility.

Concept: Imaculatura | Photography: Vlad Bîrdu | MUA & Hairstyle: Mirela Constantin | Modelling: Iulia T.


Militant Serenity

Inspired from the military, Militant Serenity is an exercise to reposition leather harnesses not as rigid bondage, but as flexible accessories, that have the capacity to adjust to any given moment in time. The collection was designed in collaboration with designer Simona Semen and presented at the Avanpremiere Gala in 2012.

Photography: Vlad Bîrdu | MUA & Hairstyle: Mihaela Cherciu | Modelling: Sorina Nanciu


Two Nymphs

Two Nymphs is the story of a metamorphosis process, to which we contributed the leather details that showcase the shape and continuity of transformation. The collection was designed in collaboration with designer Simona Semen and presented at the Avanpremiere Gala in 2013.

Photography: Vlad Bîrdu | Set-up NO NO NO | MUA: Diana Ionescu | MUA Assistant: Irina Cajvaneanu | Hairstyle: Alex Claudiu Sarghe | Modelling: Codruța Teslărașu și Sânziana Cozorici



Formula introduces a new concept for dressing, where the harness is the new must-have, and natural fabrics (leather, silk, cashmere) enable both accessories and body movement. Formula is also an Abraham milestone, because it is the fashion debut of Alexandra Abraham, our Head Designer.

Photography: Adi Tudose | MUA & Hairstyle:  Mirela Andreea Constantin | Modelling: Maria Decu