We are a fashion brand – but we are also a manifesto for a woman’s mindset whenever she choses what to wear. We believe clothes should inspire you to feel how you want to feel: Relaxed, Confident, Sarcastic, Wise, Fun, Melancholic, Thrilled. And we strive to inspire women to see and choose clothes that feel good to wear, beyond trends or uniforms. As a vehicle for whatever they feel in a certain moment in time.

While our mindset is global, our designs are local – Abraham is a brand ”Made Entirely in Romania”. As you can see, we take pride in being part of the local fashion industry, and we strive to help it grow. This is why we work together with other local brands whenever we can – from sourcing, to manufacturing and production. And we encourage you to do the same.

Trust is built on transparency. You should know that we use predominantly natural fabrics (more than 90% of them), including leather. Leather is not perfect – you might notice that the leather in your item has a darker spot, or a distinctive sign. That is natural, and doesn’t affect the quality of the item; we can also run out of certain stocks of leather. All of this makes some of our items impossible to replicate – unique, in a sense, and beautiful, in every other.

Good to wear is also a design and production ambition. We take the patience to carefully search, discover and select each fabric that is involved in our design process. We invest time in making our products comfortable and impeccable – on the inside, as well as on the outside. Because we believe every color, every texture, and every detail matters – after all, clothes should feel good to wear.

For the past couple of years, we’ve teamed up with brands and professionals for custom-designed projects.